About us

About us

How it all began

ZIGZAG Apartments was founded in 2011 inspired by the idea of opening modern apartment style accommodation in accordance with contemporary global trends. The founders’ were inspired by their international experiences to offer accommodation in the very centre of the city for the best possible stay for all visitors who decide to spend their holidays in this urban destination. After testing the waters with one unit, paying attention to guests needs and trends, ZIGZAG started to expand creating a portfolio of different sized apartments with a common design, containing high-end equipment and situated in premium locations. The design has been accomplished by combining simple and modern design that accompany the spacious apartments of the old city core and provide maximum comfort.  Encouraged by the exceptional success in Zagreb, ZigZag expanded to Dubrovnik in 2013, followed by ZigZag Belgrade in 2014, ZigZag Vienna in 2015, and ZigZag Rovinj in 2016.

Our service

Since the very beginning, ZIGZAG has made its number one priority to provide a quality service that would go beyond just renting an apartment. This led ZIGZAG to establishing a cooperation with quality tourist activity providers (restaurants, tour operators, bars, etc.) with an aim to provide an additional value to the guests’ visit. This is contributing to the company’s vision of developing urban tourist destinations where ZigZag is present. We are using the latest online technology in order to simplify and accelerate work procedures and offer our guests a simple and convenient service.

ZigZag destinations

ZigZag apartments are currently located in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Rovinj and Vienna.